United States of America

  • Transfer at UG & PG level in US Universities possible
  • Application fee waiver available
  • Scholarship available for eligible candidates

Study in United States of America

When you have planned to study in USA, it is obvious that you want to study in the best college and get the most reputable degree in the field of your choice. The United States of America is the top destination for study in USA for Indian students for their graduation and Postgraduation. Here are reasons why study in the USA for international students is a good choice:

The US has six of the top 10 universities in the world. Degrees from these colleges have a global repute. Campus life is fascinating with its diversity; people across the globe to study here and you get to mix with people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

You will have a wonderful classroom with interactive professors, debates and discussions and rubbing shoulders with the greats in the field.The academic environment is flexible; you are not looked over your shoulder. Your involvement and independent work are much appreciated. During the major portion of your semester, you will be studying independently the subjects you have chosen.

Undergraduates can expect to pay around $10,000 – $45,000 in tuition fees. Study in USA for Indian students after graduation, would include post-graduate specialisations, the tuition fee varies depending on your course

Postgraduates can expect to pay around $11,000 – $65,000 in tuition fees.

Documents Required for Admission

  • Passport
  • 10th Class Mark Sheet
  • Intermediate Mark Sheets (Class 11 and Class 12)
  • Any Degree (Individual Semester Transcripts, Consolidated Marks Memo(CMM) & Provisional Certificate(PC))
  • Post Graduate Certificates (If Any)
  • Letter of Recommendations(LOR’s) from Academic Professor – 2 (Must Include Mail and Phone Number of the Professor on College/University Letter Head )
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Experience Letter (If Any)

USA Student Visa

F1 Visa: Students planning to join academic programs UG and PG in the USA need to apply for this visa.

J1 Visa: Students participating in an exchange program through their Indian college or university and requiring to complete a portion of their course in the US.

M1 Visa: for individuals planning to undertake vocational or non-academic training

Visa application process:

For the majority of Individual students enrolling for academic studies in USA, the visa type is F1. The following steps are to be followed for visa application:

  • Obtain Approved I-20: Get accepted into a program and institution accredited to the US Government Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) by fulfilling the institution’s admission requirements preferably six to twelve months prior to US study. The university would enroll you on the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System(SEVIS) and send you the system generated Form I-20.
  • Pay SEVIS Fees: For payment of SEVIS fee please go through www.fmjfee.com (CASH NOT ACCEPTED, PAYMENT SHOULD BE DONE THROUGH CREDIT CARD ONLY) for F1 VISA SEVIS fees is $350.
  • Fill your DS-160 Form: Fill the form at (https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/), Pay your visa fee only at AXIS bank (Any AXIS BANK branch in INDIA).
  • Visa Appointment Fees: Visa appointment fee for F1 is $160. It will take couple of hours to get your bar code Activated. Once After ACTIVATED Now you can book your visa appointment slot at (“https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India”). Choose your date to apply for visa (You must visit VFS 2 times (2days) first Time for biometric and 2nd time for visa interview)


Scholarship to Study in USA for Indian Students:

United States actively seeks to attract the brightest talent. Given the premium associated with degrees from the US, the costs are also relatively higher. There are numerous scholarships and awards from different corporates, agencies and endowments for Indian students from India. These ensure that the truly meritorious students have access to funds required for joining programs of their choice anywhere in the US. Some of the leading scholarships for Indian students are listed below:

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to undergraduate students who plan to return to their home country to improve under-resourced, underserved communities. The costs covered are – full tuition, room and boarding expenses for one year. Other costs like mandatory health insurance, airline tickets, books and other sundry expenses are not covered.

H. Tobaccowala Fellowship: This scholarship provides the students of University of Chicago Booth School of Business full-time MBA program with tuition supportupto $25000.

Cornell University Tata Scholarship: is provided for undergraduate students and covers the entire tuition fees. The programs covered are in the College of Engineering, College of Architecture, Art and Planning, majors across colleges in physical sciences, biological sciences, other “hard” sciences and social sciences, the Applied Economics and Management major at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship: is awarded to pursue a master’s degree program in the fields of Conservation and museum studies, Arts and Culture Management including heritage, Environmental studies, Economics, Public Administration, International legal studies, International affairs, Higher education administration, Public Health, Urban and Regional planning, Women’s studies/Gender studies.

InlaksShivdasani Foundation Scholarship: provides for full tuition fees, living expenses, on-way travel and health insurance for students pursuing master’s , M.Phil or PhD programs in subjects other than Engineering, Computer science, business studies, medicine, public health, fashion design, music, film and film animation

LSEF – UMass Scholarship: is available to selected students pursuing one of the following degrees in UMass a. MS in applied economics b. Masters in Public Policy c. MS in data analytics and computational social science

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program: is awarded to selected Indian students pursuing the two-year business management course from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


You will have to plan well for your accommodation. Where you will stay will depend on how much you can pay. Most first-year or freshman students prefer university dorms. You can either share a room or choose to stay in a room for yourself. Staying in a university dorm has its benefits and disadvantages. If you are a very private person, you might find the bustle of campus life almost 24/7. However, you can commute to your classes easily and take advantage of the campus food stores and canteens. If you have money to spend, you can opt for private apartments in the city or town. Make sure you have your name on the lease. Your housing history will impact your efforts to get another one in a new town or city.

American Culture

American culture, people and food will depend on which of the states you are in. you will not find any difference in major cities such as New York or Miami where it is multi-cultural and food of every variety and cuisine is available. You can find a McDonalds or Subway wherever you go. However, be prepared for a culture shock if you are moving out of home for the first time. Company of classmates and friends can help you greatly with settling in.

Student Montly Expenses

  • Accommodation: $(650-1500)
  • Utility bills: $50
  • Mobile Phone: $40-50
  • Broadband internet: $45
  • Travel: $(20-70)
  • Groceries: $100
  • Typical night out: $40
  • Cinema ticket: $30-40

List of American Universities

  • Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona
  • University of California, Riverside, California(Graduate Business Programs and UCR Extension)
  • Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia (Only UG Pathways)
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
  • Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UG Gateways, College of Engg – MS only and EP)
  • University of Delaware, Newark. Dealware(Only UG)
  • Geroge Mason University, Fairfax Country, Virginia
  • Colorado state Universi, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (Master of International Development Policy)
  • Oregon State University, Corvalis, Oregon
  • University of illinois at Chicago, illinois
  • Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts D’ Amore-Mchim School of Business, The College of Professional Studies (CPS)
  • University Of South Florida, Tamba Florida
  • The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Aubum University, Alabama
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (Orly UG)
  • University of Cincinnati, Ohio(Only UG – Pathway and Direct Entry)
  • Ohio University, Athens, Ohio(Master of Financial Economic; All UG Programs)
  • University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina
  • University of the Pacific, Stockton, California
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas (Only UG)

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